Our Practice

Mission Statement

Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services’ mission is to provide each patient with the highest quality, individualized care resulting in normalization of impairments, function, and elimination of pain. Treatment techniques that help restore function and eliminate pain can be varied and they will include manual methods, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular reeducation techniques, therapeutic activities, and technologies supported by research literature. Our primary technology will be manual therapy.

Understanding that education of the patient on the process of their problem and treatment approaches will help in their recovery, SP.OR.T.S. is dedicated to making patient education a priority. Specialty programs are developed which support community needs as well as support the physical therapist’s interests in amplifying their practice under the umbrella of SP.OR.T.S. Highest quality and patient-centric care is implemented within all aspects of our organization from the physical therapists care, to front office staff interactions, our billing services, and office management team. The caring and supportive relationships developed with our patients are consistent within the organization between and amongst our employees.

Why Choose S.P.O.R.T.S.?

How Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services Is Different, and Why You Should Choose Us for Your Physical Therapy Needs.

Comparing physical therapy clinics is difficult when you have not seen a physical therapist before, but not all physical therapists and facilities are alike. Some physical therapists are generally less experienced and forced to see a high number of patients. This scenario minimizes the potential for the patient to receive comprehensive care utilizing state-of-the-art approaches. Most physical therapists provide “quality care,” but when the treatment time is limited to less than one hour it is difficult to provide “comprehensive treatment” of patients with complex or multiple problems. At other clinics, there may only be time to do a cursory exam. We feel the most important component of treatment is the degree of detail produced in the evaluative process. One can only arrive at an effective treatment plan after determining an accurate functional diagnosis.

Treatments at SP.OR.T.S. are usually longer than the 30 to 45 minutes common to other facilities. Each physical therapist is only asked to see 12 to 15 patients per full treatment day giving them adequate time to conduct a thorough exam and comprehensive program. After a thorough evaluation of your problem, they will address biomechanical inefficiencies, posture, pain, swelling, strength, and endurance as well as effects from joints above and below the injury site. The patient is always provided a written home program taking into account the patient’s goals, thoroughly explaining the working functional diagnosis and rationale for each procedure. New patients are usually scheduled within three working days and often can be accommodated on the day of the call, especially if they are postoperative or in significant pain. Often clinics have different therapists or PT aides contributing to a patients care from day to day, leaving a continuity of care problem for the patient. At SP.OR.T.S. you are followed throughout the entire course of your treatment by the same physical therapist eliminating continuity of care issues. Your therapist will provide all of the manual treatments, and since all manual therapy requires constant assessment of the outcome of the procedure by Maryland state law only licensed physical therapists should be doing this higher level function, not an aide or PT Assistant.

We are a clinical internship site for many regional and national doctors of physical therapy (DPT) programs. Robert Grossman, PT, O.C.S. has taught many postgraduate courses locally and around the country on topics such as: assessment and treatment of somatic dysfunctions of the spine and extremities, altered neurodynamics, and “closed chain manipulation” techniques he has developed to address connective tissue restrictions affecting all the joints of the body. Our therapists are keen on staying current with the literature and are well versed in all forms of manual therapy.

Many facilities have excellent equipment, but less experienced and effective staff physical therapists.  Keep in mind, the more educated and experienced your therapists are, the more complex the treatment program will be.  Advanced techniques and multiple simultaneous procedures take time and often result in outstanding outcomes, which will include a rapid decrease in symptoms and rapid return to full function. Advanced techniques and multiple simultaneous procedures take time and often result in outstanding outcomes, which will include a rapid decrease in symptoms and rapid return to full function.

Philosophy of Care

The experienced physical therapists at SP.OR.T.S. will plan and administer your individualized treatment program designed to restore functional movement, eliminate pain, and promote healing and recovery from injury or surgery. Treatment plans are designed specifically to meet the needs and stated goals of each client.

The restoration of pain-free mobility, regardless of pathology or dysfunction, is our primary treatment objective.

To attain this goal, our philosophy of care includes hands-on manual therapy and therapeutic exercises using our fully-equipped physical therapy facility.

Your treatment will be monitored by a licensed professional to ensure the return to your previous lifestyle quickly and safely, from the simplest activities of daily living to the highest level of competitive athletic endeavors.


Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services was founded in 1987 by Robert C. Grossman, PT, OCS and John A. Romero, MA, PT, SCS. The facility has 3200 sq. ft. of treatment areas and office space with isokinetic and other exercise devices, but the emphasis of treatment is an accurate assessment of somatic dysfunctions and their treatment through manual therapy. The treatment population is of all ages, excluding infants.

The founders, Mr. Grossman, and Mr. Romero were chief physical therapists for the Washington Bullets and Washington Capitals during the 1980s when they were working in Friendship Heights, where they developed a keen interest in sports rehabilitation and treatment of athletes of all levels from club players to professionals and Olympians.

Together they opened an additional facility in Kensington, Maryland in the mid-1990s. In 2006 the two facilities separated ownership interests with Robert Grossman taking over the Silver Spring facility and John Romero taking over the Kensington facility.


Our remodeled facility which boasts 3200 sq. feet of treatment and administrative areas are open and inviting. The new color scheme and artwork encourage a healing and safe treatment environment. You will be greeted by a competent and helpful front office staff member who will be happy to assist you with scheduling, filling out forms, insurance reimbursement or in any way you may require.