Patient Testimonials

  • “My physical therapy with Mr. Robert Grossman at Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services has been excellent. Working with Bob has been an outstanding experience in every way with his thorough knowledge, excellent motivational and communication skills, and complete command of a wide range of rehabilitation modalities. I recently referred my 16 year-old granddaughter, a two sport athlete at Richard Montgomery HS, for shoulder rehab. I am fully confident in Bob’s expertise and that of his entire professional team. They are the best and I would recommend them without reservation.”

    Thomas J.P.

  • “Extremely pleased with treatment and results. This practice is extremely well-operated, well-managed. Extremely competent staff of PTs. Results-driven! Many new state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.”

    Marks S.

  • “I was more than pleased with my treatment and will most definitely recommend to family and friends (even a stranger). Your staff (and even those that weren’t) were so friendly and kind – I will miss you all!”

    Bundy G.

  • “You did all I could ask for and more. THANK YOU! Looking forward to my yearly physical!”

    Norris A.

  • “SP.OR.T.S. is a great practice. Recently, I’ve been successfully treated for three separate injuries. The front desk staff is extremely warm and inviting.”

    Theresa M.

  • “The exercise regimens and coaching were very effective. My pain is essentially gone and I am able to resume normal activities!”

    Como N.

  • “I was very lucky to end up at SP.OR.T.S. after I broke my elbow. The whole staff is pleasant and kind and Bob Grossman is a miracle worker!”

    Duff L.

  • “Mr. Grossman has the most comprehensive understanding of body mechanics and treatments of any physical therapist I have ever met.”

    Nemeth P.

  • “This was the first time I ever had any need for physical therapy. I didn’t know what to expect. I am so glad that the first experience was with Monique Beeko, and my recovery is a testament to her knowledge and professionalism. I am now well aware of the benefits a good physical therapist can provide. Also, the front desk staff was pleasant and efficient. If any of my friends are ever in a situation where they need PT services, you can be sure I’ll recommend your organization without hesitation.”

    Goldberg B.

  • “This is the best place that I have been for physical therapy. Very professional caring from the office staff as well as my therapist, Debbie – she was very good!”

    Dorothy W.

  • “Both my ball striking and distance have improved greatly since incorporating the exercises and methods designed for me by Bob Grossman, PT, OCS. I added 25 yards to my driver and am playing some of the best golf of my life. His evaluation of my golf swing and his determination of my weaknesses have led to an amazing improvement in my game. I am grateful for his help and you will be also.”

    Bob R.

  • “Over the past couple of years it has become obvious to me that I am not making as full a golf swing as I possibly can. Swinging harder and faster really wasn’t working so I knew I needed to do something a bit different besides pounding a bunch of golf balls on the range. As a physical therapist and knowledge of the golf swing you were able to pinpoint exactly where my physical weaknesses lie.

    Although not easy to accept after your thorough screening, we were able to pinpoint what areas of my body needed strengthening and additional elasticity. The personally designed exercise and stretching program you have provided has been easy to follow and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes per session. I am starting to see some differences on the golf range as my balance, range of motion, and strength are all improving. As we discussed, this is not a quick fix, but over time I can see how this is going to improve my overall game and allow me to sustain and possibly improve my 11 handicap.”

    Steve F.

  • “As a high handicap golfer, I am always looking to improve my game. Bob Grossman, PT, OCS of Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services in Silver Spring, MD provides concrete ways to improve one’s physical weaknesses as they relate to golf fundamentals. After a thorough physical evaluation, Bob devises a golfer’s improvement plan and exercise schedule that takes into account his findings in concert with the posture, balance, strength, and flexibility requirements needed to perform a fundamentally-sound golf swing. Complete with his documented analysis and golfer’s improvement plan, come pictured exercises with detailed instructions. In addition, Bob requires a follow-up session to see how the exercises and improvements in posture, balance, strength, and flexibility are progressing. Bob, a low handicap golfer, successfully combines his physical therapy acumen with his golfing expertise to help his clients. With Bob’s help, my game has dramatically improved – reducing several strokes off my handicap. I highly recommend Bob Grossman for both high and low handicap golfers who seek to achieve significant improvements in their golf game.”

    Joe B.