Post COVID-19

Post COVID-19 Syndrome Outpatient Physical Therapy

Our clinic SP.OR.T.S has been diligent since 2/26/2020 when the first case was confirmed here in the U.S. in ensuring we are using CDC recommended cleaning supplies, materials, and PPE in protecting our patients and employees alike. We are proud to say since implementing and continuing to observe these strategies that our clinic has been COVID free both from employees and patients. We are poised and pleased to announce that we are ready to see patients with POST COVID 19 Syndrome as the effects of conditioning, exercise, and functional training will help combat and keep people from suffering the deconditioning and detrimental effects this virus has on our body systems both short term and long term.

Criteria to starting Outpatient PT Post COVID:

  1. Hemodynamically stable as deemed by referring physician and no longer requiring equipment such as oxygen titration, lines, and etc
  2. Afebrile (no fever)
  3. Stable airway breathing and circulation with oxygen saturation greater than 94% on room air
  4. Able to perform normal activities of daily living and no major issues with mobility
  5. Must test negative and has fully quarantined and cleared as per 10-14 day window as per the CDC


Our objective examination will cover:


  • compensatory patterns and weakness can significantly impact respiration and overall functioning of connective tissues)

Breathing patterns and potential somatic dysfunctions

  • Determine any compensatory or accessory muscle use which will impact quality of life if energy is given to muscles that are not efficient at helping in breathing)

Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system

  • Assess range of motion of different joints
  • Assess muscle strength using functional assessments or specific tests if indicated
  • Assess neural functioning through specific nerve tests to ensure neuromuscular system is intact
  • Sensation
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Gait ( walking pattern)
  • Reflexes


  • Energy conservation
  • Gait training
  • Balance/coordination training
  • Strength and flexibility training
  • Funtional Mobility training
  • Breathing strategies
  • Aerobic conditioning

Please contact SP.OR.T.S to schedule your examination at 301-989-9040