Joe B.

“As a high handicap golfer, I am always looking to improve my game. Bob Grossman, PT, OCS of Sports and Orthopaedic Therapy Services in Silver Spring, MD provides concrete ways to improve one’s physical weaknesses as they relate to golf fundamentals. After a thorough physical evaluation, Bob devises a golfer’s improvement plan and exercise schedule that takes into account his findings in concert with the posture, balance, strength, and flexibility requirements needed to perform a fundamentally-sound golf swing. Complete with his documented analysis and golfer’s improvement plan, come pictured exercises with detailed instructions. In addition, Bob requires a follow-up session to see how the exercises and improvements in posture, balance, strength, and flexibility are progressing. Bob, a low handicap golfer, successfully combines his physical therapy acumen with his golfing expertise to help his clients. With Bob’s help, my game has dramatically improved – reducing several strokes off my handicap. I highly recommend Bob Grossman for both high and low handicap golfers who seek to achieve significant improvements in their golf game.”